Why ZMOT is not enough

ZMOT? Or UMOT? …Huh?

Why ZMOT is not enough! 

John CounselBy John Counsel
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Google has done an outstanding job of popularising the concept of The Zero Moment of Truth marketing modelZMOT… a new addition to the classic StimulusFirst Moment of Truth and Second Moment of Truth marketing model spawned by the advent of SoMoLo marketing: Social Networks (the interactive web), Mobile Internet (smartphones and tablets) and Local search (including geo-location and other location-based services).


You can also learn much more — including how ZMOT applies to specific industries and professions — from videos and downloadable reports at Google’s ZMOT Collection.

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It’s a handy concept for explaining what’s been happening in recent years — the development of online shopping, “showrooming”, review sites and smartphones, plus the rapid switch from “Buyer Remorse” to the devastatingly powerful “Buyer Revenge” during the Consumer Revolutionwhich the consumers have won convincingly, without the majority of sellers (especially retailers) knowing what hit them.

BUT… there’s a gaping hole in the process

Google’s concept explains what’s been happening and why, but it ignores the most important stage of the process that sellers need to follow in order to make it all happen. This diagram shows Google’s core concept of ZMOT… and the glaring gap!

ZMOT's gaping hole

 Yes, the Zero Moment of Truth is the logical consequence of the buyer’s personal experience, but there’s a very large assumption here… that the buyer will be willing and able to create the feedback — the reviews, ratings and recommendations on which other consumers will rely for making their own buying decisions — on their own initiative.

It assumes that they’ll be familiar with the tools available to them online — and where and how to find and use them — while their experience is still fresh and immediate. If not, hoping for a positive review, rating or recommendation will be mostly wishful thinking for the business from whom they purchased.

What’s the worst thing a seller can do to a prospective buyer?

It’s Selling 101… the worst thing you can do to a prospect is to withhold information and help from them — the things they need in order to make a decision to buy from you. (Remember the Secret Language of Prospects?)

If you want your customers to give your business positive reviews, ratings and recommendations online, you need to provide them with the tools they need to do that — right NOW, while they’re so excited! This is how it should work for you…

UMOT tools

No assumptions here… just a sensible, smart, fast, easy (and affordable) system to ensure that as many of your buyers as possible can — and do — share the good news about your business as often and as widely as possible, and that any bad news is kept as limited in scope and range as possible.

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