Visual Communication — Part 2

Visual Communication Tips

John CounselBy John Counsel — The Marketing Doctor

Have you ever visited a page where, as hard as you try, you just can’t seem to make sense of the message? Even though it’s well written, chances are that it makes one or more fatal mistakes that sabotage visitor comprehension.

Lots of web designers ignore comprehension as a factor in successful visits. They think that if the information’s there, and legible, that people will be able to understand it.

They’re wrong.

If you want to get the desired action from your visitors, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to stay at your site and do as you ask. That means accepting responsibility for making it easier for your visitors to stay than to leave.

Many of the problems that sabotage websites are easily fixed – when you know why they’re not working and how to fix them.

The following pages have been prepared to help you make simple changes to your web pages that can result in longer visits and higher response rates. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll find here…

Page Layout and the Laws of Visual Gravity

Too many sites defy the Laws of Visual Gravity – and pay the penalty in lost visitors. Pages that comply with these fundamental Laws regularly score higher than 70% in comprehension tests. Those that flout them score as low as 30%.

Typographic Tips and Traps

Incredible as it may seem, the wrong choice of font style can cause your visitor comprehension levels to plunge from higher than 90% to as low as 3%!

Talk WITH your visitors – not AT them

Simple hints for more inclusive conversations that bond your readers to you with strong, positive emotional ties.

Space – the Final Frontier?

Too many websites suffocate from lack of breathing space. Cramped type and images, cluttered layouts – some simple tips for restoring order and relieving visual stress for your visitors.

The Seven Magic Ms of Market Communications

The secret of website success lies in your communication strategy. Your page is just the tiny, visible tip of a very large, hidden iceberg.

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