Visual Communication — Part 3

Four Deadly Sins that drive visitors away

John CounselBy John Counsel — The Marketing Doctor

Here are four common problems that make it almost impossible for visitors to understand what you’re saying to them. So they give up and go elsewhere.

But, like most of the things that sabotage our marketing and promotion in small business, they’re relatively easy to fix… when you know how.

Sin #1. Clutter

Your visitors are overwhelmed by visual overkill. Distracting backgrounds, too many graphics and animations, too many elements competing for their attention. It becomes easier to give up than to fight. So they leave.

How to fix it:

  • Use light coloured backgrounds.
  • Use subtle, low contrast background patterns (if you MUST use any at all)
  • Make sure that there’s a clear focal point that attracts your visitor’s eye naturally. (Your headline is the logical choice.)
  • The optimum number of visual elements (such as headline, text, graphics, banners, buttons or groups of buttons) on a single screen view is FIVE. Any more, and your visitors will struggle to cope. Think of it like having a large brood of noisy, squabbling kids all clamouring for your attention at the same time. It’s easier to turn tail and flee.
  • Learn and comply with the Laws of Visual Gravity.

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