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Profit Clinic Training is different

Our training programs come in different shapes and sizes to suit the people attending them. Most are online and some are offline. Some are live, most are pre-recorded. Some are single-session Seminars and some are multi-session Workshops. But they tend to be about the two critically-important aspects of being in business that we focus on, almost exclusively…

  • Becoming more productive (working less for the same or better results).
  • Becoming more profitable (earning more for the same or lower cost).

 Our positioning statement sums it up: “Work less. Earn more. Start NOW.

Different? HOW different?

Open quoteJohn, I owe you an apology. Before the session I said to the person next to me that I didn’t think I could learn anything new from you. As a 30-year veteran of direct selling, I thought I knew it all. I’ve been personally tutored by some of the best in the business, including Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar.

But in the first few minutes of your presentation I realised how completely wrong I was. I have NEVER heard stuff like this. You’re the best of the best! Brilliant!”

Dragan Jokovic
National Sales Director
Finance Industry

Yes, but what about RESULTS?

John Crooks CKDOpen quoteFrom the time I began using Fourth Generation Selling™ principles and practices I noticed three major changes in both my professional and personal lives…

  • My income went up because of measurably higher conversion of leads to sales and achieving (and maintaining) significantly higher margins.
  • My stress levels went down because results were so much more predictable and profitable
  • My quality of lifeself-esteem and contentment improved because of the absence of compromise, the positive responses and referrals from clients — and higher income levels.

The methods I now use to present my kitchen proposals are dramatically different from how I was initially trained in this industry. I’ve found that Fourth Generation Selling™ transcends all socio-economic groups with equal success, so whether you’re selling a “flat-packer” to a do-it-yourselfer, or a “top-ender” with all the bells and whistles, the results are the same.

To put it bluntly, you can’t afford to not do this training because, if you compete in the market place against designers trained in Fourth Generation Selling™ principles and practices, you’ll struggle to survive using traditional First, Second or Third Generation methods — especially in tough times like these.”

John Crooks, Certified Kitchen Designer 
Inaugural Trends/HIA Kitchen Designer of the Year
Trends Ideas Best Modern Contemporary Kitchen Designer (Australia) 
HIA Home Ideas Show Best Kitchen Designer


Our training is focused on doing only the right things, for only the right reasons. That’s the little-known Law of Success. It’s also a good description of integrity — the very first of our twelve guiding values for lasting business success. (These values form a chain-reaction that can catapult you ahead of the pack.)

We teach Fourth Generation Thinking™ as a foundation, guide and catalyst for your success, especially in the only two functions that any business has… 

  • Innovation
  • Marketing

(Everything else is a cost.)

See for yourself how different out ideas are…

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But rather than plough through boring outlines, here’s a video (14:30) that not only outlines what we do and why, but how we do it…

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