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Coming in April 2016…

Tilt the SeesawThis low-cost module from our acclaimed “Fourth Generation Selling program is designed to help you get bigger, better, faster, easier and smarter results from your mailing lists, online and offline.

Like all of our training programs, it uses the powerful Principle of Keys to identify the invisible barriers at each stage of the process, identify and obtain the keys to those unseen barriers, and identify and master the all-important actions that turn those locks.

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fgs-manual-genericFourth Generation Selling? 

Open quoteTo put it bluntly, you can’t afford to not do this training because, if you compete in the market place against sellers trained in Fourth Generation Selling™ principles and practices, you’ll struggle to survive using traditional First, Second or Third Generation methods — especially in tough times.”

John CrooksJohn Crooks
Certified Kitchen Designer 

HIA Home Ideas Show: Best Kitchen Designer
Inaugural Trends/HIA: Kitchen Designer of the Year
Trends Ideas: Best Modern Contemporary Kitchen Designer (Australia)