Small Business Survival Quick Quiz – 1

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Question 1

The Secret of Small Business Success is…?

Choose the right answer…

a. Focus on what you do best, then give it all you’ve got
1 pointThis works ONLY if you understand the principle of leverage — and you’re applying it effectively in your small business. Otherwise, you’re headed for trouble. Focusing on what you do best is risky if you’re so busy working IN your business (as an employee) that you ignore working ON it (as an entrepreneur/marketer/innovator).

b. Do only the right things – but only for the right reasons
5 pointsThis is the ONLY correct answer — because it’s the only one that ensures that you make no mistakes! The trouble is, how do you know what the right things to do are? Or the right reasons for doing them? Besides… in the long run, it doesn’t really matter whether you do the right or the wrong things if you do them for the wrong reasons… then you can’t succeed.

c. Work hard… and stay busy!
0 pointsYou’re thinking like an employee/consumer/imitator! Being busy does NOT mean that you’re either productive or profitable. It just means that you’re busy.

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