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Our Pro Bono Program

Need expert, professional marketing help urgently, but just can’t afford it?

Couple-cloudPerhaps you’ve been hit by a health or family crisis, a financial setback or other hardship outside your control? We know what that’s like. It seems to make every aspect of your life more difficult.

Your confidence dwindles. Your trust in others takes a nosedive, and your time and energy become consumed by “nickel-and-dime” stuff that makes it seemingly impossible to concentrate on the really important things — like getting your marketing, productivity and profitability back on track as quickly as possible.

That’s where our Pro bono publico (English: for the public good; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment — or at a reduced fee — as a public service.Pro Bono Program can help, provided your situation is salvageable. But we’ll know that soon enough and we’ll give you straight answers that won’t waste your time or simply make a bad situation worse. All we need from you are straight answers to our diagnostic questions. We can’t help fix a problem that we can’t define precisely — or the factors that caused it.

Pro bono service is common in the legal profession and is increasingly seen in architecture, marketing, medicine, technology, and strategy consulting firms. 

Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.


We’ve been doing this for a very long time, so we have plenty of experience. But first, an important explanation:

What do we mean by the term “non-profit organisation?”

For us, any unprofitable small business is a non-profit organisation, however unintentional, and actually qualifies as a form of charity. (Our definition of business is “the exchange of resources for mutual benefit”. The definition of a charity is “the donation of resources for someone else’s benefit”.)

Yes, the beneficiaries are different from the usual forms of charity — your employees, your suppliers, landlord, bankers, the media, etc — but unless you can get into profit ASAP, you’ll need other funding sources to stay afloat!

We use a combination of the following pro bono models to suit your needs.  (We also have a few tweaks of our own to make the system even better for everyone.)

Functional coaching and mentoring

Employees match up with their Unprofitable small businesses!non-profit peers, form a relationship, and share functional expertise. They may connect them with assets for growth or revise their business models. For service-based businesses, coaching is a fresh way for them to do philanthropy. It builds a stronger market for the client business by strengthening the local economy and cultivates important skills for both the service providers and recipients.


A company mobilizes human capital, usually employees, on a pro bono project within a short, predetermined timeframe, usually 24 hours to several days, to deliver a specific set of deliverables. This is a popular model for marketing and communications firms who have the ability to create promotional materials and develop PR plans as needed.

Open-ended outsourcing

A company makes its services available to a Unprofitable small businesses!non-profit organization on an ongoing, as-needed basis. Volunteers act in a mentor capacity to help fill the Unprofitable small businesses!non-profit’s need. Often mentors use workplace skills to provide services that Unprofitable small businesses!non-profits do not have the resources to fund.

So, need professional help with your marketing… but can’t afford it?

If you’re an independent small business owner — in Australia — you’re welcome to apply for help from our Pro Bono program. Contact us by Messenger at The Marketing Doctor Facebook Page…

fb page message button

  1. dialogue pop-up will appear at the foot of the page, toward the right-hand side.
  2. Type “Pro Bono Enquiry” in the text entry field at the foot of the popup window.
  3. If you have a website or Facebook Business Page, include the URL.
  4. Include times when it’s convenient for us to call you on Messenger Voice Call.
  5. Make sure that we can reach you on Facebook Messenger.
  6. Send your Messenger request.

We’ll be in touch promptly. We understand how urgent these situations can be.

  1. We’ll want to hear your story. Your current challenges, what caused the problems, everything. You need to be honest with us — totally. We can’t help to fix a problem if we don’t know the full story and what caused it.
  2. We’ll send you to some password protected content that explains why we do this, how we operate and what we’ll expect from you if we accept you. Everything needs to be honest, transparent and up-front or it won’t work.

Couple (smiling)Because we have only a limited number of places, and because your need for help is urgent (and probably made worse by not knowing where to look for this kind of help) we’ll do our very best to get started immediately.

The ball is now firmly at your feet. It looks like this… 

Please help!

PS: See how this program fits into our Mission and Vision (4 minute video)