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John CounselI’m John Counsel, CEO of The Profit Clinic, and I wanted to add my personal recommendation for Gary Ambrose’s excellent FREE autoresponder system, ListWire. As always, we decline to recommend anything we don’t test — and use — ourselves.

Whether you’re an offline business owner looking to promote online, an Internet Marketer or Network Marketer wanting to find, attract and keep more eager, profitable, loyal, repeat customers, affiliates or downline team members, we have yet to find even a commercial email marketing service that offers all of the features and functions that ListWire does. It’s quite ingenious, and the fact that it’s 100% FREE — and with no hidden catches, and no ads to compete with your messages — is extraordinary.

So how does Gary keep it free for users?

Gary Ambrose is one of the most successful marketers online, especially known for his innovative list building strategies. ListWire is one of those strategies. When you sign up for your free ListWire account, you subscribe to Gary’s mailing list, and all the people you refer to ListWire — who open their own free autoresponder accounts — join his list, too.

Your own list subscribers — your prospects — are not added to Gary’s list, nor are any ads displayed in your emails, unlike other free autoresponder services online.

The image below shows the only information added to the foot of your messages, whether they’re autoresponders or broadcasts. This image is shown full size. Click here for more information about how ListWire stays free for all. (It will open in a new window.)

ListWire footer

For online merchants wanting to build affiliate networks, or for network marketers wanting to build downline teams, ListWire allows you to pre-load multi-message series into your account that your affiliates and downline reps can automatically replicate and personalise in just a few clicks and a password you control. Brilliant!

You can also create popup subscription forms that can appear on any websites you choose — without those website owners ever knowing about it! 

How to get the best results from your ListWire FREE Autoresponder Service — THREE BONUSES!

Having a brilliant new vehicle is wonderful — but it’s even better when you have a User Manual, a Road Map and a safe, fast, direct route to take you to wherever you want to go!

Listwire Bonuses

These three priceless Bonuses are all yours when you open your own FREE ListWire account using the big green button below. 

Your THREE Sign-up Bonuses!

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