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Marketing Workshop Program

Due to John Counsel’s continuing ill-health, this program is suspended until he’s back to good health again. You can view updates on John’s health at

At last! A fresh, practical approach to SMALL Business Marketing that isn’t just another insulting, dumbed-down re-hash of BIG Business Marketing mumbo-jumbo!

Fulfilment Spiral

This is a 12-session recorded (video) workshop series featuring my proprietary “Fourth Generation Thinking™” and “Fulfilment Spiral™” models. It’s part of a 3-month coaching program that I offer from time to time, but rarely publicly. There’s usually a waiting list that fills each program, based on personal referrals. It normally sells for $990.00 (including GST), or $330 per month, regarded by participants as You have forgotten to include your "text" attribute to display your tooltip. exceptional value. The last publicly-available program was in 2005. (I announce any public vacancies at .)

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Workshop Promo 2Is the Workshop all there is?

There’s not much worse than getting all fired up by a training workshop, your hopes high and intentions all gung-ho, then waking up next day and realising that you’re on your own as far as putting all that exciting new knowledge, insights and skills to work in your small business!

Not with The Profit Clinic’s training…

The Workshop is just the launch vehicle. Now comes the real learning. You’ll enjoy members-only access to our special training site for this program. Three whole months of additional training and support, coaching and mentoring, as well as these extras…

  • Forums,
  • Resource notes, worksheets plus handy forms and checklists,
  • Webinars,
  • “Hot Seat” Hangouts,
  • Video replays,
  • Revision notes and checklists,
  • Retention sessions,
  • Case studies

and more, all designed to fine-tune and turbo-charge your learning — and your practical results where they count: in your Bottom Line!

Workshop Manuals

Starting to catch the vision of what we’re offering?

To learn more about this program, click on the links below (open in new windows):

This video introduction doesn’t just offer an overview of the program — it contains valuable insights you can use in your business… click the image to view (14:30 mins)

Training Intro Video

Places are not currently available 

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