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Launched in 1997, http://profitclinic.com and http://profitclinic.com/MLM/ were hits from the beginning, picking up thousands of eager visitors, awards and accolades like these…

“The Profit Clinic is the best Network Marketing website in the world.”

Kevin Wilke, founder, NitroMarketing.com

“One of the best small business information sites on the web… heretical (and we agree 100%!)… a fabulous resource… a must-see.” [“Best of the Net” Award.]

Ed Martin, Small Business Guide, About.com

“Your site has been selected by the members of the Moderated Homebiz Discussion List as one of the “Top Home Business Resources” available online… congratulations on providing a wonderful resource to the online home business community.”

“[The Profit Clinic] is, by far, one of the best I’ve seen… concepts are outstanding… treat yourself to one of the most exciting and content-filled sites you will ever experience.”

Heidi Perry, Editor/Publisher, HomeBizBytes

Better yet, nearly all of the site is still relevant and timely today, 18 years later!

Then why do we call it our legacy site?

Simply because it isn’t mobile-compatible. At least, not yet.

And some sections and pages may have links that are no longer current.

So fire up your desktop or laptop computer and discover for yourself what the experts were raving about. There’s a veritable treasure trove of small businesshome-based business and direct sales help just waiting for you to find and share it.

Why not pay a visit right now?  😀 

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