John Who?

John CounselJohn Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic, one of the most respected online resources for small and home-based business owners and direct sellers (including network marketers) in the world. Its network of more than 80 web sites offers training, support, ideas, information and insights that are refreshingly free from the hype, emotional manipulation and abuse so common in online business  — and bursting with original, practical content.

A few facts about John in his own words

I live in Melbourne, Australia (population 4.5 million) — the World’s Most Livable City for 13 of the past 16 years (including the last 6 years in a row, and always in the top 3) — and home to several well-known Internet entities, including SitePoint, Flippa, 99designs, Market Samurai, Hitwise, Ed Dale (The Challenge, Magcast), Envato, ThemeForest, SourceBottle, WOMO (Word of Mouth Online), World Internet Summit and more. I love living here and have no desire to live in any other city or country.

I’m a thinker, designer, writer, teacher and entrepreneur. I’m fiercely independent and I hold the view that small and home-based business owner-managers are the last true entrepreneurs. (In BIG business, everyone — from the board of directors down — is an employee. That pretty much says it all.)

I was born in December 1945, putting me toward the leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation (1942 to 1953, not 1945 to 1964 as commonly believed. Learn more).

I’ve had an eventful and interesting life. I’ve never been bored. I’ve been exceedingly blessed and I’ve never been happier than I am these days.

LynneI married a woman who embodies everything I cherish in life: loving, kind, generous, outgoing, bright, vivacious, witty, outspoken, funny, committed, smart, valiant, selfless, capable, talented, passionate, vulnerable and resilient, with impeccable integrity.

She renews my faith in humanity every day. She is so easy to love that everyone who spends time with her ends up doing so. And to complete the package, she’s beautiful and sexy, too. (Okay… I’m in serious trouble when she reads this!)


Like I said, I’ve been exceedingly blessed — including five adult children, their chosen companions and a growing brood of grandchildren (latest count: 12.) Here are photos of our six youngest grandchildren, taken in 2015-6.

 (We’re a wonderfully mixed bunch… our grandchildren have come to us through natural birth, adoption and blending. We don’t care how. We just love them all and what they bring to the family. Mostly joy, laced with occasional pain that eventually turns to joy. That’s life and, in the end, it’s all good.)

The older I get, the clearer I see and understand a few crucial things about life, including…

  • Life is its own imperative. It’s all about being happy — having joy.
  • Everything else either facilitates this or gets in the way.
  • Out greatest joy comes from the things we create. So does our greatest pain. That includes our offspring. 😀
  • There are four great keys to a fulfilling life: accurate perspective, balance, purpose and progress (in that order).
  • The most important balance in life is between quantity and quality. It’s a tough one to maintain, but utterly worthwhile.
  • What matters is NOT what happens to us, but how we respond to it.
  • Whether what happens to us is good or bad is almost always down to timing and/or place, just as much as our values and desires.
  • It’s not WHAT we do in life that makes it good or bad, desirable or undesirable, as much as WHY and HOW we do it — and often when, where and with (or to) whom.
  • I can conceive of a life after death that would only be worthwhile if we can continue to enjoy the relationships we form, the character we develop and the knowledge and skills we acquire in this life. Everything else is transitory and inconsequential.

When you understand these things about me, it’s easier to understand why I do what I do, in life and in business.

John Counsel
16 December 2010 (updated August 2014)

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