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Applying the Secret Language of Prospects

The Importance of Intelligent Follow-up

1. No response tells you nothing!

Don’t assume they mean no, or that they’ve said “yes” to someone else. Find out! (Ask them.)

2. Never leave it to the prospect  to respond

This puts THEM in control of YOUR end of the win-win process!
(Use this in every transaction, not just quotes/bids/proposals.)

3. When preparing an Action Plan remember YOUR role…

Help them to experience the benefits they want by…

  • Making it safer, easier, better and smarter — more desirable — to buy from YOU than from anyone else, and
  • Making it safer, easier, better and smarter — more desirable — to buy from YOU than to keep their money!

4. No doesn’t always  mean no!

Even if they say no to you this time, it doesn’t mean that they’ve said no to everything, every time in the future. Keep giving them brilliant reasons to buy — and to regret buying from someone else (or not buying at all).

Remember… you only have to tip the balance of perceived risk in your favour to win them over, so that it’s LESS risky to buy from you than from anyone else or to keep their money.

Keep sending prospects new offers. Test those offers. Follow up. Add value to your original offer, rather than simply lowering or discounting your price. Persistence is everything!

The average direct sale is made after the SEVENTH contact. Incredibly, 90% of sales people quit after only TWO contacts. That means that only 10% of direct sellers are getting 90% of the total sales!

5. Don’t presume!

You don’t know what a prospect wants or when they want something unless they tell you — specifically!

6. Make offers direct and personal

Keep giving them specific reasons to buy from you. Tailor it to THEM and their needs.

7. “Time wasters” are prospects, too.

They’re oysters… they just haven’t produced any pearls — yet!  (Visit — it’s directed to network marketers, but they’re direct sellers, too… just like you. It still applies to every business!)

Keep giving specific, personalised offers to get under their skin and convert them to profitable customers.

8. Follow-up — even when they buy from someone else!

They may have other needs. And don’t forget… most needs are recurring (Example: we eat several times every day!)

At worst, it keeps your competitors under pressure with their clients — without them even being aware of it.

At best, it can win you the client when your competitor drops the ball. (They always do.)

9. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”

ASK them to buy. (Don’t confuse this saying with “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. It’s simply not true. The Law of Diminishing Returns ensures that you’ll get LESS over time.)

And remember…

10.  You’re not being pushy, deceptive or manipulative if you don’t act  pushy, deceptive or manipulative.

Pushy, deceptive and manipulative are not what you do… they’re why and how you do it. They’re an admission of ignorance, incompetence and desperation on the part of the seller.

Intelligent follow-up is simply leading a prospect back to the accurate point of view each time they get cold feet or have questions or concerns. It’s part of the PREPARATION process. (Read The Secret Language of Prospects to learn more about intelligent follow-up.)

“No” just means “you haven’t made it safer, easier, better or smarter for me to buy from you — yet.” It’s an invitation to you to follow-up and get it right.

Follow-up is WHAT you have to do to sell more, to more people, more often, for more profit more easily.

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