Why do we give so much away?

“Give first in order to receive”

buyer-seller-boxIt’s an ancient principle. But untold millennia of human experience has taught us to be wary of people bearing unexpected gifts.

The unpleasant fate of the good citizens of Troy, after accepting a very large gift from the armies of ancient Greece, is just one compelling reminder of the need for caution when confronted by seeming generosity.

So why do we persist in giving so much knowledge away, in the form of Insight Reports, webinars, seminars and video instruction?

There’s no hidden agenda here. We realise and accept that most small business owners around the world don’t know The Profit Clinic or what we do. They have no idea of whether our information, insights or ideas are useful or valuable — or not.

They have no reason to trust us, especially when it comes to paying for our claimed expertise and experience in the areas in which we specialise: productivity and profitability.

So it makes sense to give them plenty of opportunity to see for themselves how we think and operate, so they can make up their own minds about whether to do business with us.

Our Training Pricing Policy explains our practice of giving away our knowledge in more detail. Click on this button to view that policy now — the “Back to previous page” button at the foot of the article will return you here.

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