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You CAN’T be in control if you don’t know what you’re dealing with or talking about!

Free Insight Report #1One of the BIG challenges faced by small business owners is simply understanding many of the essential aspects of business, especially marketing.

Typically, when small business owners talk about marketing, what they’re really referring to are market communications and selling… just two of seven essential elements in the complete marketing mix! 

It’s crucial to know what you’re talking about, particularly when dealing with specialists such as marketing and advertising people — and especially media sales reps of any kind.

In this really useful, short and punchy Insight Report, Profit Clinic founder and CEO, John Counsel, explores these key business terms and explains what they arewhat they do and how they connect to each other.

By seeing them in such easy-to-understand context, you’ll be able to make more sense of them — and use them in your business for measurably better, faster results.

(You’ll also slash the risk of unscrupulous sellers taking advantage of your lack of knowledge or understanding, especially in areas of business — like marketing and advertising — that use very precise terminology. Experience may be an effective way to learn, but it’s slow, costly, painful and dumb.)

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