What participants say about our training

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We seek feedback from participants* so that we can continually fine-tune our content, presentation style and support materials to make them more effective. We seek responses to three specific questions:

  1. Is the program relevant to your business, and will it produce measurable, worthwhile results?
  2. What did you think of the presenter’s style and the quality of presentation?
  3. What did you think of the written material provided?

Here are some comments from participants that are typical of the overall response:

1. Relevance and value of the program

“Loved the session… very effective and enlightening. Feel like I have a whole new attitude and yearn to put ideas learned into action.”

“Hit right home. Practical, no hype (thank goodness).”

“Very important… an eye-opener and brain starter. Helps turn exciting new knowledge into practical reality.”

“Thank you for putting the light at the end of the tunnel! I have learned such a lot… practical, sensitive advice.”

“To myself and my business — invaluable! Timing — 100%.”

“Excellent! Back to basics. Great way of looking at things… makes you think!”

“Great stuff! Valuable… the right ingredients to be successful in our business.”

“Common sense approach to critical factors. Extremely helpful. Will be able to use this knowledge well.”

“Pin-pointed exactly what we need to do — and what we’ve been stuffing up!”

“Very relevant to our business. Pointed out the pitfalls so easy to fall into (which we’ve been doing) as well as how to get out of them.”

“I found the seminar to be very valuable. It focused on new concepts compared to traditional programs. Most enjoyable.”

“Excellent value. Enabled me to gain an accurate and easily-applied insight into the means of identifying true prospect needs and wants. Thank you!”

“Outstanding. Would really appreciate hearing this again.”

“My second time round and I’ve got the message! Not only relevant to business, but to life. I’m going home feeling very refreshed.”

“After many training courses, re-evaluation of our attitude is now necessary due to inappropriate and outmoded information in the past. Very enlightening.”

“High value…we’re a marketing company and this gives us lots to contemplate.”

“Highlighted neglected areas of marketing and business planning. Goal-setting now makes sense to us, at long last!”

“Much valuable information — and a lot of laughs!”

“I would like everyone in our organisation to attend this workshop.

2. Style and quality of presentation

“A genuine class act… talked our language, loose enough to keep relevant and topical, yet tight enough to get through a mountain of practical material. Stimulating and impressive.”

“Presentation style is sincere and down-to-earth… not the usual ‘plastic’ seminar presentation at all!”

“Entertaining, forceful, professional and confident. Fully assessable, too. Excellent.”

“Great sense of humour and very communicative. Nice, warm approach.”

“Great presentation — friendly, accessible, not slick… real! Pitched at our level. Excellent.”

“Great learning in a relaxed, funny atmosphere — and I stayed awake (a first for me!)”

“Most enjoyable. Would have to be the most informative session attended in a long time.”

“Despite the extensive amount of information and the complexities of some concepts, I found John interesting to listen to, relaxed, and I loved the personal experiences.”

“Very impressive and captivating. Obviously knows what he’s talking about. As a result, so do we!”

“Easy to listen to. High credibility through evident experience.”

“Excellent ability to keep us focused on topic. Incredible speaking stamina (7 hours).”

“Relaxed and non-intimidating. Easily understood.”

“John’s speech was clear and easy to follow. Entertaining presentation… good use of current examples to reinforce ideas and strategies.”

“Obviously knows his stuff and consequently delivers the information with a positive, direct approach. Gained and held our attention totally, all day.”

“First class presentation… kept it interesting… very pleasant personality.”

“John is a very stimulating, enlightening, knowledgeable presenter. Would love to hear more.”

“Professional job. Knows his subject and relates well.”

“Very comprehensive, well presented… a pleasure to listen to. Well prepared.”

“Well informed, provocative (in the best sense), knows how to captivate an audience.”

“Dynamic, motivated… real life stories added real interest. Terrific wit.”

“Very impressive. Made complicated ideas simple. Clarity excellent.”

“Easy to understand. Put his ideas across very fluently.”

“Well presented, held our attention and provided methods and practical examples which changed my perspective significantly. Absorbing — and will continue to be.”

“Obviously, John has great skills as a thinker, teacher and presenter. Much appreciated.”

“Practical, humorous and full of useful information.”

3. Written Materials

“Great… expands on the spoken material, enables ready recall of complex concepts and suggests even more possibilities as to how to apply them. A gold-mine for future reference and direction.”

“Easy to digest, and room for notes, too.”

“Very reader-friendly! A good resource to keep for reference. Layout makes it easy to follow and understand at a glance.”“Perfect — easy to understand, not cramped.”

“Loved the additional resource material at the back of the book. Very practical, easy to read. Absolutely relevant and linked beautifully with your outstanding presentation.”

“Very relevant, easy to follow, showed how to implement ideas. Excellent.”

“Perfect for my needs — I hate pages of writing!”

“Excellent. A great idea to fill in as we learned.”

“Way above average. Clear and concise. Excellent.”

“Goes a long way to make complicated ideas simple and easy to grasp. Much better than just a bunch of slick overheads that are quickly forgotten!”

*Extracts taken from response evaluation sheets completed by participants at seminars and workshops from 1993 to 2005 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Bendigo, Echuca, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Maryborough, Latrobe Valley, Horsham, Kerang, Shepparton, Wangaratta, Wonthaggi, Leongatha, Foster, Mirboo North. The originals of these and other written responses from past participants and seminar organisers can be inspected at our office on request.

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