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John CounselWhat do John’s international peers think of him and his ideas?

Drayton BirdOpen quoteWhat a good writer you are, John. Love the immaculate distinction between politicians and bureaucrats, and the Barker’s Eggs story… you talk a lot of sense.”
Drayton Bird, Direct Marketer, Drayton Bird Associates, UK (Google)

The legendary David Ogilvy said “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world. His book about it is pure gold. His speeches are not only informative, but hilariously funny.” If you haven’t subscribed to his Bird Droppings and Commonsense Marketing blogs and newsletters, it’s obviously because you haven’t yet read them. That’s easily fixed. They’re free — sign up NOW!

Paul MyersOpen quoteDynamite, John. Absolutely wonderful stuff. Not that I’m surprised, mind you. Just very pleased to see such a considered and thoughtful approach to what is all too often seen as a thoughtless and inconsiderate industry.”
Paul Myers, Publisher, TalkBiz News, USA   (Google)

Paul is one of the most respected experts on marketing, online and offline. He’s the guy the other top-tier Internet marketers go to for professional advice. If you’re not subscribed to TalkBiz News, you’re not serious about your business. It’s free — sign up NOW!

Dr ManiOpen quoteJohn Counsel has taught me a TON about ethical and legal email marketing and I always listen to his words of wisdom — and follow them profitably. John is one of the original gurus, from a time when the word was used with respect and affection. He was the moderator of one of the best online discussion lists, I-Sales Digest, and founder of The Profit Clinic. That’s why I always listen when John shares his valuable insights.”

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, Publisher, Ezine Marketing Center, India   (Google)

Dr Mani is an Indian heart surgeon who uses his considerable reputation and skills as an infoproduct marketer and mentor to raise much-needed funds for urgent heart surgery for young children whose families cannot pay for their life-saving operations.

BL OchmanOpen quoteJohn is the kind of guy you want in your corner. He’s creative, skillful, intensely focused and remarkably connected.”

BL Ochman, President,, USA  (Google)

New York-based BL is one of the top PR and online marketing bloggers in the world. Marketing Sherpa awarded her its 2007 Female Marketing Blogger of the Year and she was chosen as one of the 25 Women Who Rock Social Media – 2014. BL is also CEO at MaximumPlus Events & Training.

Noah St JohnOpen quoteJohn, you rank as one of the best moderators I’ve ever seen. Thanks for your GREAT work as moderator of I-Sales Digest!”

Adam Audette, Moderator, LED Digest, USA   (Google)

Adam is President and Chief Strategist of AudetteMedia, Inc and one of the world’s leading SEO strategists. He’s been publisher of LED Digest, an old-school discussion list for Internet marketing and SEO, since 1997.

Noah St JohnOpen quoteWhen John Counsel speaks, people who want to make more money listen.”

Noah St. John, Founder of, USA   (Google)

Noah is the author of “Permission to Succeed”, “The Secret Code to Success” and creator of “Afformations”. Highly potent stuff for getting your personal and business mindsets right.

Judy VorfeldOpen quoteI’ve known John for years. Not only is he super-savvy regarding his own multi-faceted business, but he has a powerful grasp of every aspect of life and culture, and is generous with his knowledge. And wisdom. I’ve always been able to trust John Counsel implicitly. And that, on top of everything else, makes him one of the Internet’s most influential and valuable people. I highly recommend him to people needing help with their businesses.”

Judy Vorfeld, Owner, Office Support Services, USA   (Google)

Judy is the go-to expert on web grammar. Great resource for evaluating web sites.

John FoggOpen quoteThis guy [John Counsel] doesn’t just butcher all your favourite sacred MLM cows. He barbecues ’em and serves ’em up to you one slice at a time… and you LOVE it!”

John Fogg, Author, The Greatest Networker in the World, USA   (Google)

John has written several network marketing best-sellers and is the founder of the Greatest Networker COM.munity, a large and successful training and support resource for all network marketers.

Upline JournalOpen quoteJohn, I think you’re doing some of the most cutting-edge writing in the industry and want to make sure our readers get a regular dose. There are so many of your [ideas] I’d like to share with them. As you know, I’ve been a fan of yours for some time.”

Editor-in-Chief, Upline Journal® USA

Cheryl GonzalezOpen quoteJohn, your writing on Fourth Generation™ Thinking has been a major part of who I am and what I do in my network marketing business.

Very profound.”

Cheryl Gonzalez, President Emeritus, Association of Network Marketing Professionals, USA  

The ANMP is the peak industry body representing distributors in negotiations with companies, governments and courts.

Diana RatliffOpen quoteI’ve known John online for years and he’s the “real deal” when it comes to expertise in small business marketing. He knows what he’s talking about and I’ve found him approachable and willing to share his expertise. If you’re considering doing business with John, I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed!”

Diana Ratliff, Owner,, USA    (Google)

Diana is the leading independent expert on business card design and usage online.

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