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John Counsel

John Counsel

CEO of The Profit Clinic

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This is what I do

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You know how most Small Business owners struggle to find, attract and KEEP eager, informed, loyal, profitable, repeat customers? And how your marketing and advertising are too often a desperate mish-mash of hope, guesswork and suck-it-and-see? (Or else a waste of time, effort, money and hope?)

Then there’s the frustration of knowing that, even if you DO know how to do it right, you rarely have the time or money to actually DO it?

Or knowing that the expert professional help you need either doesn’t exist (they only work with BIG business, for BIG bucks) or, if “help” IS available, it’s rarely expert, professional or helpful?

(They’re either clueless wannabes who bought an ebook, online course or software package, or refugees and rejects from BIG business who couldn’t cut it in the real world.)

Familiar stuff, right?

I help you FIX those dilemmas.  (I’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.)

I also know that the THREE biggest obstacles threatening small business owners, right now, are…

  • Absence of real leverage,
  • Lack of genuine economies of scale, and
  • Lack of accurate, reliable marketing know-how. (BIG Business’ secret weapon.)

I help you fix that, too.

I’ve been a small business entrepreneur since 1966. I’ve started, run — and sold — several retail, service and manufacturing businesses of my own, including online businesses since 1996.

Since 1971 I’ve…

  1. Worked with small businesses as a marketing and advertising consultant, author, publisher and trainer.
  2. Worked with BIG businesses from time to time, usually as a senior marketing or advertising manager or director, just to stay up-to-date on what they’re doing — and to remind me of what I don’t miss!
  3. Worked with several leading Australian advertising agencies as a copywriter, art director and creative director, as well as owning two of my own.
  4. Taught at leading multi-national Australian universities (to give back to my profession and enjoy a welcome re-charge from eager, passionate youngsters.)
  5. Worked with numerous direct sales companies from Australia, USA and South East Asia as a management and marketing consultant, author, columnist and trainer.

Education and Academic Background

Melbourne High School 1961-1963

Matriculated with honours, 1963
Commonwealth Scholarship

Deakin University, Monash University  1964-6

Studied Education, Psychology, Arts

Monash University  (Gippsland) 1974-8

Studied (and taught) Graphic Design, Visual Communication (part-time)

RMIT University  

Taught (full-time) Graphic Design, Advertising 1981-3

Taught (part-time/sessional) Marketing, Master of Education, Master of Business Administration (MBA) 1996-9

Professional Expertise

  • Teaching and teacher training (primary, secondary, special education and tertiary)
  • Marketing strategist
  • Multi-national, national and small business marketing management
  • Direct seller
  • Sales trainer
  • Copywriter
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Typographer
  • Production Manager — advertising agencies and production houses, printing
  • Entrepreneur, Marketer, Innovator
  • Business advisor, consultant, academic
  • Business speaker and trainer
  • Author and columnist:
    Small and home-based business, direct selling
  • Consultant and advisor to Direct Sales companies 

Professional Experience

  • Teaching and teacher training (primary, secondary, special education and tertiary) 1967-70 (full-time), 1974-78 (part-time), 1981-83 (full-time), 1996-99 (part-time)
  • Small business owner since 1966
  • Direct selling specialist since 1971
  • Founded Graphic Communications (Australia) 1976-1980
  • Small business advisor and trainer since 1982
  • Founded The Small Business Adshop* 1984
  • Academic 1974-8, 1981-3, 1996-99
  • Author, columnist since 1985
  • Direct Selling industry consultant, columnist and trainer since 1986
  • Founded John Counsel Advertising* 1988
  • Founded The Small Business Training Company* 1993
  • Founded The Australian Small Business Network* 1993
  • Founded The Profit Clinic 1993 — umbrella for group marked *
  • Founded Direct Sales Counsel* Management Consulting 2006 
  • Founded The Local Success Project* 2011
  • Founded LOCALBiz Networks Australia* 2011
  • Founded Go Mobile Now* 2011
  • Founded The SpendSmarter Consumer Network* 2011

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