Beware the new “Carpet Baggers”…

Beware of “Gurus” and other Carpetbaggers!

"Guru", wannabe-clone and gullible, unsuspecting suckerIf you haven’t been approached by any of them yet, then your business must be totally invisible on-line. Many of these “specialists” and “experts” use software to ferret out the details of every local business listed in search engines and on-line directories, then email local business owners with the bad news about how poorly their sites are performing (especially compared to their competitors), and how these “specialists” or “experts” can save them from sinking even further, etc, etc, etc.

As odd as it may sound, that may not be such a bad thing — especially if you haven’t shelled out any money yet for the often-exhorbitant fees they demand for the very limited benefits they offer.

But how do you know?

And how do you know you’re not being taken for a ride by some modern-day “carpetbagger” who bought a get-rich-quick ebook or an over-hyped home study course promising them overnight riches for little or no work? A “wannabe” who sees you as Pinocchio?

Think we’re exaggerating?

View this shining example — and search the Warrior Special Offers forum for scores more just like it. (This is the forum where most wannabe “experts” in on-line marketing hang out.) Here are just a couple of clippings. Note the over-the-top language used:

Note how these predators and parasites treat other forum members — their own peers — with the same contempt that they give their own local business clients (IF they have any in real life).

Their REAL target isn’t the desperate local business owner: it’s the desperate, unsuccessful, ignorant, inexperienced, gullible horde of wannabe  “blind guides” who want to get rich helping those local business owners all reach the #1 spot in Google — and stay there against all the odds — while paying these urgers a king’s ransom out of sheer gratitude, month after month. (Never mind the old-fashioned, common-sense axiom that “you can’t share what you don’t have, any more than you can teach others what you don’t know”.)

They target the exact same Five Fatal FAILURE Factors in their readers as they teach their students to target in their courses…

  • Desperation (fear of loss, false scarcity, false urgency, etc),
  • Ignorance,
  • Greed,
  • Laziness and
  • Gullibility.

Yes, there are ethical, decent marketers at the Warrior Forum — but they can be hard to find amongst the low-life “Gurus” and their wannabe clones who infest the place.

That’s why our first step in approaching local business owners is to educate you, with eye-opening, informative FREE Insight Reports like these…

FREE Insight Reports

 Our second step is to offer you a powerful, integrated, practical and affordable system of tools, training, strategies and support that can help YOU…

  • Win More Market Share ebooksell more, 
  • more often
  • to more people
  • for more profit.

Better still, it doesn’t have to be an extra marketing or advertising expense! Most — if not all — of the cost can simply be redirected away from existing spending on advertising media that no longer work like they once did. (Clue: Even Coca Cola now spends more than 20% of its gargantuan annual ad budget on social networking alone… because it’s working for them.)

(Please note: These reports will not be available until we launch.)

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