Question: Why have we published Australia’s fastest-selling* small business book online, free of charge?

Don't Go Into Small Business Until You Read This Book!

Answer: So you can take advantage of its incisive, no-nonsense, easy-to-read insights for small business survival and success.

Since 90% of people who go into small business fail (see Why Most People Fail In Small Business), the economic, social and health costs to any nation are devastating. We think it’s time something was done to help fellow-small business entrepreneurs change that pattern. There’s no law anywhere that says “90% of all small business owners must fail!”

But there’s no point in waiting for governments to do it. (See Government “Help”.) And franchising isn’t a particularly attractive or effective solution. (See What You Should Know Before You Buy a Franchise.)

The secret of small business success is surprisingly simple… do ONLY the right things, for ONLY the right reasons. That way, you don’t make mistakes. But what are the right things to do? And what are the right reasons for doing them? They’re the REAL mystery for most small business owners.

This book will help you begin doing the right things for the right reasons. Since as many as 98% of small business people are in business for the wrong reasons (source: Australian Small Business Network Small Business Survey 1996-97), it’s no wonder that the failure rate is so high. Even if you do all the right THINGS, if you’re doing them for the wrong REASONS, you won’t succeed. You can’t succeed… because you’ll end up at the wrong destination. Just like this map.

Each fork in the road, each choice you have to make as you travel toward your chosen destination, will either take you to that destination or sidetrack you. Even if you’re still headed in the same general direction – as those last couple of choices are – you will not end up at the place you wanted to be!

So enjoy the discoveries you’ll find here. And start applying the ideas in your own business, immediately. They WILL make a difference.


John has written several new chapters specifically for this on-line edition, including Small Business versus BIG business!

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(*From 1996-1999 this was the fastest-selling small business book in Australia. More than 22,000 copies were sold in the first year alone, mostly to Australian small business owners or people considering going into small business. In 1997-8 it became required reading in business courses and post-graduate programs at more than a dozen universities in six countries in the Asia-Pacific region.)

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