Barker’s Eggs: Part 2

Barker’s Eggs in Internet Marketing

IM “Guru”In many ways, Internet marketing has become the “new” MLM. Scams and illegal schemes that have been outlawed for years in network marketing (but still happen far too often) are rampant in Internet marketing, and they’re actually made worse by two key factors…

First, the World Wide Web isn’t referred to as the Wild, Wild Web without reason. As it slowly comes under the influence of more ethical and law abiding marketers and business owners — and law enforcement agencies from around the world — it’s becoming a safer place to do business. But it’s still a pretty lawless, “buyer beware” place to be. Watch your wallet!

Second, the more Internet marketers I talk to — especially the rank and file people trying to build online businesses — the more it seems to me that most are escapees from predatory MLM outfits (either the companies or the upline teams). What most don’t seem to realise is that the MLM predators can’t hold a candle to most of the Internet marketing “Gurus” for manipulative, deceptive, predatory practices. These hucksters take those practices to a whole new level of sophistication.

Any “opportunity” that offers a false vision of success without time, effort or self-discipline is almost certainly a barker’s egg. To understand why this is so critically important, download this eye-opening FREE Insight Report. (See the download link at the end of this article.)

You rarely realise how much time and effort you’re wasting until the realisation dawns that you’re not making any money. You’re usually just spending it, instead.

That’s because the reality behind the fancy names and packaging used by Internet marketing “Gurus” is typically a lot less attractive than they’re made to sound and appear (because so few of them really deliver on their promises).

Gullible milk cowInstead, they release their real methods only piece by piece in order to milk every last cent from their mailing lists before they need to bring those milk cows back to the milking shed to milk them some more… day after day.

It’s like a car dealer selling an automobile item by item. First, the paint job. You need this colour and this type of paint. Then, after buying the expensive paint (and the tools to apply it), you learn that it needs to be baked after its been sprayed… so you’ll need a car-sized baking oven as well, from their new “best friend” with whom they’ve teamed up for a “joint venture” (another IM barker’s egg term to describe a simple strategic sales alliance that trades off a higher commission rate for bigger and more responsive lists of gullible, desperate hopefuls).

Then, of course, you need seats for your auto. Preferably genuine leather with hand trim. And so it goes, item by item until, finally they get to the fact that your automobile needs an engine and transmission, gear shift and steering wheel — all promoted separately.

It’s like assembling an automobile by buying spare parts. Your $30,000 compact may eventually cost you $300,000 before it can be driven an inch.

No-one in their right mind would buy a car this way. Yet, when it comes to building an Internet marketing business, it’s what almost everyone does!

Other techniques include deceptive income examples, like…

“Proof of Income”

It’s common practice for Internet marketers to post scans of their merchant account statements, cheques, PayPal accounts, etc on their sales letters as proof of income.

Uh-uh. Time to learn some basic accounting terms.

Those figures they show are almost always GROSS revenue from sales… NOT net profit.

They don’t take into account the cost of those sales (cost of product development, programming, design, web development, graphics, copy writing by professionals, web hosting and bandwidth for downloading, etc) or their marketing costs, including advertising, “joint venture” commissions (which can be as high as 100%!) and regular affiliate commissions (which are often 50% or more).

Those costs will often consume as much as 80%-90% of that gross revenue.

That leaves NET profit of only 10% to 20% of those figures they posted. So that “Million Dollars in Three Weeks!” is suddenly only $100,000 or so… still pretty good, but not even close to what they want you to think.

In the corporate world, promoting a business opportunity or other investment using these kinds of deceptive figures can get you serious fines and jail terms.

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